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This is a Lean Muscle Building Customized Transformation Training Program.  

Our small group personal training is focused on building muscle and strength, increase mobility and improve conditioning.

This is our most individualized coaching membership. 


Your personal coach will design a training program specific to your goals and needs.  Each training session may be with a small group (up to 5 total clients). This small class structure allows you to get the same personalized coaching as you would in a 1-1 personal training setting, accountability and support from other members other than your coach.  Scheduling is more flexible since an hour time frame is not tied to one client.  You'll have various times you can reserve and come in and still get your workout in. 


Consistency is KEY!


 All session packages include an individualized nutrition plan, Cardio&CORE workouts to be completed via a mobile app on days you are not with your coach, and 24/7 gym access.   

5 Days of Customized Training!

8 & 12 Session Monthly Packages Include:
✅   Individualized program for your goals
✅  Customized Nutrition Plan
✅  2-3 workouts via mobile app each week
✅  24/7 Gym Access Membership


I have been working with Kevin for almost a year now. I know that I would never have achieved the level of fitness and wellness at my age if not for the personal attention in my training sessions. Kevin is very encouraging, a great motivator, and has a vast knowledge of his profession.  My self-confidence has increased a lot thanks to Kevin.  He goes out of his way to show me exactly how to perform certain movements and gives me the confidence to keep pushing.  He has also taught me a lot about mindset and keeping a positive attitude and for that, I am extremely grateful. He’s the BEST! - - Lauren S.

I can not recommend the 30-Minute Express workouts enough! They are set specifically for my needs and are challenging me each week. Kevin also makes sure to work on specific areas of weakness and helps work on building back areas of muscle loss.--Sarina F.

Started at 262lbs. Eight weeks in I am at 247lbs. I feel better and have better mobility which is my goal. Getting stronger every day! -- Joe B.

Kevin has made all the difference in my health. Working out has always been a struggle for me due to injuries from the past and every trainer I worked with always pushed me more, even when I knew I was needing a better way to workout. The end result with those trainers was injury or pain.  With Kevin’s workouts, I have experienced more energy and better mobility. Kevin listens and pushes me at the correct time and pays attention to the way my body can function that day.  Working out with Kevin has been a delight. I am encouraged, motivated, and educated.  I leave the gym better after each session. I am thankful to have a trainer like Kevin!

-- Aimee Ramsay

FLEXIBLE Class Schedule







(or by appointment)

one day or day one, you decide

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