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Lean Muscle Building,

Customized Transformation Training Plan

30 Minute Express Package Includes:

30-Minute Sessions 
1️⃣ Customized Training Plan for your Goals and Needs
2️⃣ Build Muscle/Burn Fat 🔥
3️⃣ Increase Strength, Endurance, Energy🔋 & Mobility 
4️⃣ Accountability
5️⃣ Personal Attention from a Coach
6️⃣ Get in & Get out!
"I started at 262lbs. Eight weeks in I am down to 247. I feel better and have better mobility which was my goal. Getting stronger every day!"
- Joe B

Individualized Nutrition Plan

No training program is complete without paying attention to your nutrition. The old saying "You can't out-train a bad diet" is true!  Get nutritional guidance from your coach to help you reach your goals. 

Nutritional Coaching includes:

1️⃣ Individualized Nutrition Plan that is focused on burning fat and building lean muscle

2️⃣ Customized Macronutrients for each meal 🍎🍗🥑

3️⃣ Guidance on Healthy Choices, Portions, and "What to Eat and When"

4️⃣ Weekly Food Log Review to keep you on track

5️⃣ Lifestyle Tips

Your customized nutrition plan in combination with a consistent exercise routine, will lead to a body transformation!



The Training and Nutrition will get you results but do you want to throw gasoline on to the fire? 🛢🔥🛢
Patrick lost 8lbs in 12 Sessions! 

Cardio&CORE Days on your Mobile App 📱

Coach Rx Online App account for access to two conditioning workouts each week on non-session days.  Really throw fuel on the fire and torch fat, build a strong healthy heart, and accomplish your goals faster. 


Log your results to watch your progress. Exercise videos are included for guidance.  Going away on vacation or a business trip?  No problem, you and or coach can stay connected via messaging and post your workouts in the app while you are away. No reason to miss a workout!  

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Gym Access Membership

Enjoy 24/7 Access to our fitness center, to complete your Cardio&CORE workouts on your own time or to just get some extra work in on your own.

"I cannot recommend the 30-Minute Express Workouts enough! They are set specifcally for my needs and are challenging me each week. Kevin also makes sure to work on specific areas of weakness and helps work on building back areas of muscle loss." 
- Sarina F. 
The Missing Piece 🧩   

It's always fun to workout with a friend or spouse to keep each other accountable. When you refer a workout partner and they sign up you can receive a discounted rate on your sessions! 

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What to Expect

Each session will focus on warm-up/mobility, strength, and conditioning in a structured format that will get you in and out.  The session is designed to challenge you, get you results, and have you leave the gym feeling one step closer to your goal. 

The workout is based on your goals, programmed around any injury or limitations and at a level of intensity that will challenge you where you are at. 


Your coach will guide you through the workout, coach you through the movements, and give you that extra little push to get you through. 


No matter your fitness level, Beginner to Advanced, you will get a challenging workout to push you and reach your goals. 

Workouts will be progressed to keep you moving forward and pushing you to be your best. 

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Ready to get started?

* Spots are limited

* Workouts may be in a small group setting

* Workouts can be purchased in a 8 or 12 session package at a discounted price per session

*Be prepared to have fun!

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