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Eric Whitlow

With 15 years of experience as a certified trainer, he has trained all age groups and skill levels from children to seniors. Eric holds certifications with NSCA, NESTA, and is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.

Eric attributes much of his success from having the privilege of training under many distinguished fitness professionals throughout his career including but not limited to Coach Russ Polhemus, former track coach at the University of Tennessee and founder of Sports Medicine and Fitness Institute; Steve Cunningham, bodybuilding champion and owner of Synergy Health and Fitness; as well as strength coaches from Eric’s high school and collegiate athletic career.

“I have been fortunate to draw from experiences of esteemed and successful individuals and organizations in our industry. I believe continued education is a must to help our athletes and clients reach their goals in a fun, safe, and healthy environment that promotes success.”

While attending medical school at The George Washington University School of Medicine, Eric studied the role of nutrition and its effects on the various metabolic systems in the human body. A high level of commitment and understanding in the role of nutrition planning is another key component that Eric teaches in order to help people achieve their optimum fitness level.

Eric’s personal fitness accomplishments include 4 body building championships, 3 state powerlifting championships, as well as setting school records for Olympic lifts at Hampden-Sydney College.

Kevin Fulton
Coach/Manager/Personal Trainer

Kevin has been a personal trainer for 10+ years in Pittsburgh, PA before moving to the Baldwin County area. He is currently certified through the American Council of Exercise (ACE) and has previously held certifications from the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and completed the PN Level 1 certification through Precision Nutrition. He is a “geek” about fitness and is always expanding his knowledge through continuing education and growth opportunities.


Kevin has worked with clients of all ages (8-92 years old) and fitness levels helping them to burn fat, build muscle, improve at a sport and/or hobby, and help them adopt a fitness lifestyle. He has experience working with various orthopedic issues and has helped his clients return to training and doing what they love post-surgery and rehabilitation.

Kevin’s main focus is to provide his clients with a challenging workout within their personal limits that will help them achieve their goals. After an initial assessment, Kevin will be able to tell where your muscle strengths/weaknesses are, lack of range of motion, postural imbalances, which exercises need to be a focus in your program, and which ones to avoid. As he trains his clients, he educates them so they have an understanding of why they are doing certain exercises and how to ward off aches and pains through soft-tissue release modalities. 

Kevin also provides nutritional counseling. He guides his clients to adopt healthy nutritional choices and educates them on how certain types of food affect their body, setting calorie intake for fat loss or muscle building and macronutrients for body composition.


Blake coaches our Youth and evening Adult Classes. His passion and knowledge for the Olympic lifts gives our younger athletes (as well as our adult athletes) a great foundation to become stronger and more athletic. He's a staple member of our 5am class, always pushing himself to get better and stronger, like he does our athletes. 

Blake Griffeth
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