Dillan Layton

Dillan has always had a passion for fitness

And motivating others to constantly push their limits. His passion for weight lifting stemmed from athletic training around sports regimens as an adolescent and progressed as he pursued a BS/BA degree at the University of South Alabama. Dillan then began CrossFit at a local box where he developed a good foundation for the movements and methodology. Looking for a more competitive environment and advanced training program, Dillan approached TFX CrossFit at The Fort. After one drop-in he knew The Fort was the place for him!

Impressed by the caliber of athletes and motivating coaches,

Dillan began working harder on himself than he ever had before: training consistently, working on mobility, improving his gymnastics, paying attention to detail in his Olympic lifts, and dialing in his nutrition. Dillan soon found himself keeping up with and challenging some of the other coaches. The owner and head coach Eric Whitlow then approached Dillan about joining the staff.

If you drop in at The Fort,

You will find Dillan working hard and pushing athletes to their potential. One visit of training with Dillan and you will know that he loves what he does. He will tell you that CrossFit helped turn his life around and gave him something consistent to focus on—thereby further developing his discipline, drive, sense of commitment, and work ethic. He also stays busy giving private lessons for speed and agility with our youth athletes as well as personal training sessions. Besides his love for CrossFit Dillan also enjoys time spent with family, close friends and being outdoors.

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