Candace Tower

It all started with a gift!

Candace was gifted an introductory class in 2011. Although she was skeptical of tire-flipping and lifting heavy weights at first, she was missing the organized sportsmanship of her days as an athlete. In search of a new workout routine, she gave CrossFit a try. She was hooked on day 1 and has never looked back.

Loving the results, community, and new lifestyle she had found, she gained her certification to coach others through the process of developing their potential. She lives for watching newbies and seasoned athletes alike hit milestones and reach their goals. She teaches TFX CrossFit's intro program, coaches group classes, and enjoys working one-on-one to fine-tune skills.

Pre- and Post-natal Fitness...

Candace remained a consistent CrossFitter through both of her pregnancies and has additional training in Pre- and Post-natal Fitness, Physiology, Biomechanics and Programming.

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