About us


We pride ourselves on helping our customers reach their health and wellness goals through the appropriate fitness and nutritional channels. Customer satisfaction is our priority. Our goal is to provide a clean training environment and positive atmosphere for everyone to enjoy a great workout.

Core Values

Integrity - a strong sense of moral character - even if no one is looking.
Humility - we are humble and want everyone to feel welcome at our gym.
Sense of Community - you will have a supportive home away from home.
Action-Oriented - it drives results.
Energetic - the energy you experience will enhance everything else you do.
Determined and Persistent - never quit. Only grow stronger - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
Encouraging - we want to help others become more than they normally would become on their own.
Building Relationships - we are excited about connecting with you and getting to know you!

Why Us?

The Fort has a wide variety of fitness opportunities for all ages at an affordable price. 

Whether you are looking for...

Group fitness sports specific training customized personal training a cardio workout or weight training...

you will find it all at The Fort!

 With 24 hours of accessibility, you can train at any time. We look forward to welcoming you to our team!

Thank you for for reaching out to The Fort!